Wheel Type Lenght Meters Metrazh-K



The length meter Metrazh-K is designed to measure the length of cables and cable products in the course of a trade or other technological operations.

The meter consists of a measuring wheel, an incremental encoder and a pulse counter. The incremental encoder generates counting pulses with certain discreteness.
The pulse counter calculates the current length of the product, which is obtained by multiplying the number of pulses by the amount of counting discreteness. The counting discreteness is a programmable value (high precision) and is set in the pulse counter as a parameter.




Cable diameter 1…40 mm
Max. cable pulling speed 600 m/min
Lenght measurement error ± 0,1% **
Lenght resolution 0,8 mm
Reverse count function yes
Type of electrical converter incremental converter 380 pulse/rev
Digital counter

- electronic, 6 digit
- supply voltage 220V
- 2 programmable multifunctional relays
- the possibility of remote installation

Measuring wheel material hardened steel
Roller crate vertical and horizontal adjustment of guide rollers (stainless steel)
Overall dimensions (L х W х H) 380х114х315 mm
Operating temperature -10…+50 °С
Weight 2 kg (measuring wheel)
8 кг (total weight)

** When measuring products with a non-metallic surface and a flat profile. In the absence of perforation of material under the weight of the wheel. The movement of the material should be continuous and smooth.


Overall dimensions: