Belt Type Length Meters

4-roller rolling cage

with one direction roller

4-roller rolling cage

with folding self-centering rollers

self-centering rollers
print controller



Length meters "Metrazh" are designed to measure cable length during manufacture and rewinding.
Tracked meters can reduce measurement errors occurring when using the standard measuring wheel.


  • The lenght meter is not a traction device


Disadvantages of a standard measuring wheel:

• Vibration and wheel slip causes measurement errors

• Measuring wheel deforms the cable

• Large measurement errors with uneven cables

• Large measurement error due to cable bend at wheel contact point
The error is greater, the larger the diameter of the cable and the smaller the diameter of the measuring wheel and is calculated by the formula:

Δ = r/(R + r) = d/(D + d)

where r/d, R/D - radius/diameter of the wire and measuring whell.

For example, with a measuring whell 200mm and wire diameter 5mm the error is 5/(200+5) = 0,024 = 2,4%


Advantages of tracked gauges:

• No cable slippage
• No measurement error for uneven cables
• Measured cable is not deformed
• No measurement error due to cable curvature

• Measurement accuracy does not depend on belt wear (LEARN WHY)

Wear of the belts does not affect the result of measuring the length, since the measurement process is carried out in the area where the belt and cable are straight.

Belt wear is equivalent to a reduction in diameter d (d2 <d1). For example, a piece of a product 360 mm long passes through the meter. In the upper figure - the beginning of the measurement of the segment, in the lower - the end. When passing this length, 36 teeth of the belt are superimposed on it (tooth pitch 10 mm), this will correspond to exactly one revolution of the gear wheel.

Length calculation is based on the number of wheel revolutions. When the belt is worn, i.e. with a decrease in diameter d1: the belt pitch remains unchanged, the number of teeth superimposed on our length is the same, therefore, the number of revolutions will be the same. As a result, the measured length will not change.



Order code configurator:

Meter - - - - - - +
Cable diameter                                      
20 = 1,5...20 mm                                        
50 = 3...50 mm                                        
100 = 5...100 mm                                        
Direction rollers                                        
1 = one roller (Meter - 20)                                
4 = roller cage (Meter - 20/50)                                
= roller cage with folding front rollers (Meter - 50)                                
SC = roller cage with folding self-centering rollers (Meter - 50/100)                                
Pneumatic clamp                                        
0 = No                                        
 PN = Yes                                        
Print controller                                        
0 = No                                        
PR = Yes                                        
Counter lock                                        
0 = No                                        
 CL = Yes                                        
PU belt                                        
0 = No                                        
PU = Yes                                        
Additional options "+"                                        
+MR - mounting rack with electrical installation  

Recommendations for choosing:

Meter - 20/50/100 is suitable for measuring the length of cable products of small / medium / large sections.

The choice of roller cage with folding front rollers (Meter-xx-4T) is designed to facilitate the work of the operator when refueling the cable into the meter. This option is especially useful for large cable diameters.

The use of the self-centering rollers (Meter-xx-SC) allows avoiding the measurement error caused by misaligned cable routing in the meter. In addition, the front rollers are foldable in the roll-up system, which simplifies the process of refueling the cable.

Pneumatic clamp (Meter-xx-xx-PN) provides a more reliable cable clamp between the measuring rollers. This option requires the supply of compressed air to the installation.

Print controller (Meter-xx-xx-x-PR) is suitable for all applications where there is a need to connect industrial marking devices for marking the length. The marking device is connected directly to the length meter. The pitch of the print raster is 0.166 mm. The print control controller eliminates the repetition and overlapping of marking pulses when the cable is unwound in the opposite direction when marking on rewind lines.

Counter lock (Meter-xx-xx-x-x-CL) is a sensor that instantly stops counting when the cable exits the meter. At high speeds without this sensor, the meter can by inertia continue to count for some more time.

Polyurethane belt (Meter-xx-xx-x-x-x-PU) has a significantly longer service life than a rubber belt. Low friability - the conditional service life is 3 times longer than the service life of the rubber belt. High strength - 20 times the rubber strength. High resistance to tearing and repeated deformations.
It is recommended to order together with the pneumatic clamp, since with the smooth surface of the measured product slippage of the upper measuring belt is possible!



Cable diameter 1,5…20 mm 3…50 mm 5…100 mm
Max. speed 600 m/min 600 m/min 300 m/min
Lenght measurement error ± 0,2 %
Lenght resolution * 0,867 mm (0,17 mm for Meter- -PR)
Belt type 240L (64 teeth) with 25mm 240L (64 teeth) with 50mm 300L (80 teeth) with 50mm
Sensor type incremental encoder
Reverse count functionа
Folding front rollers - o
Self-centering rollers - o
Print controller o o o
Pneumatic clamp
Max. pressure / clamp **
o o o
2 bar / ≈7 kg 3 bar / ≈10 kg 4 bar / ≈12,5 kg
Count lockout on wire exit o o o
PU belt *** o o o
Operating temperature -10…+50 °С
Overall dimensions (L х H х W) 438х450х164 mm 494х500х320 mm 656х550х300 mm
Weight 11 kg 24 kg 33 kg
* - specified during setup
** - body weight taken into account
*** - PU belt recommended to order it together with a pneumatic clamp to eliminate cable slippage
● - include by default
o - depending on the order code