Eccentricity Meter EK-10

on the mounting rack

on the mounting rack

Remote terminal






The eccentricity meter EK-10 is designed for non-contact measurement of eccentricity (core displacement), diameter and thickness of the insulation wall for round cable products and products with a small ellipticity.
The measurement is carried out by a contactless optical-inductive method, which allows you to install the measuring head immediately at the extruder output.

Main functions:

• Non-contact measurement of cable cable eccentricity
• Non-contact measurement of cable diameter in two axis
• Measurement of cable ovality
• Digital and graphical display of measured parameters
• Analog signal of the parameter deviation from the specified value
• Relay contacts of parameters beyond the specified tolerances
• Communication interfaces: RS485 Modbus, Profibus DP (optional)




Basic parameters 
Diameter measuring range 0,4…10 mm
Number of measuring axis 2
Accuracy ± 3,5...7 μm (diameter) 
± 10 μm (eccentricity) 
Indication of the basic parameters Remote graphic terminal
Max cable lehght to remote terminal 100 m
Analog outputs

Two scalable analog outputs.
AO1 output: ± 10 V; AO2 output: 0 ... 10 V.
Signal deviation of the wire diameter from the set value.

Relay outputs Two relay ouputs 220 V 1 А (Upper and Lower diameter alarm limits / Lower thickness of the insulation alarm limit)
Communications RS485 Modbus
Power supply  
Voltage 230 V ± 10 %
Frequency 50 Hz ± 5 %
Power consumption 50 W
Complementary parameters  
Overall dimensions (L х W х H) 281х103х377 mm (measuring head)
Measuring zone 16 x 16 mm
Pass window diameter 22 mm
Degree of protection IP20 (measuring head)
IP40 (remote terminal)
Operating temperature 0…+45 °С
Weight 10 кг (measuring head)
1,7 кг (remote terminal)
Interface Profibus DP External Profibus DP converter.
The address space corresponds to Sicora meters, which allows quick replacement.
Mounting rack It reduces installation time on the line. Electrical installation is completed.
Reference calibers A set of three calibers of different diameters is designed to check the accuracy of measuring head.