2-Axis Laser Diameter Meter ID2-50

On the mounting rack

Wall and flush mounted terminals



2-axis laser diameter meter is an optical micrometer.

The device is designed for non-contact measurement of the external dimensions of round and elliptical products, such as: wires, cables, hoses, sleeves, pipes, wire, thread for 3d printers, etc. directly during their production. Two independent laser beams scan the product in the direction of the axes located at an angle of 90° to each other, thus obtaining two mutually perpendicular sizes. This allows you to determine and quickly eliminate the ovality of the cable during production.


Advantages of ID2-50:

Allows to measure the outer size:
• Round and elliptical products
• Products from any materials, including transparent ones (specify the need to measure transparent materials in the order configurator! )

Особливості вимірювання овальності та еліптичності кабелю


Complete set:

• Measuring head ID2-50
• Remote graphic terminal  (wall- or flush mounted)



Basic parameters 
Diameter measuring range 0,8…50 mm
Number of measuring axis 2
Scanning frequency 100 1/sec
Laser beam scan speed 162 m/sec
Accuracy ± 7,5 μm - for min diameter 
± 15 μm - for max diameter
Indication of the basic parameters Remote graphic terminal
Max cable lehght to remote terminal 100 m
Analog outputs

Output 1: ± 10 V, Output 2: 0...10 V
Two scalable analog outputs of the deviation from the nominal. Can be used in the automatic diameter stabilization system.

Absolute value of diameter 4..20mA (optional)

Relay outputs Two relay ouputs 220 V 1 А (H and L diameter limits alarm)
Communications RS485 Modbus
Power supply  
Voltage 230 V ± 10 %
Frequency 50 Hz ± 5 %
Power consumption 10 VA (measuring head)
5 VA (remote terminal)
Complementary parameters  
Overall dimensions (L х W х H) 404х56х340 mm (measuring head)
Measuring zone 60 x 60 mm
Pass window 103 mm
Body material corrosion resistant duralumin
Degree of protection IP20 (measuring head)
IP40 (remote terminal)
Operating temperature 0…+50 °С
Weight 7 кг (measuring head)
1,7 кг (remote terminal)
Interface Profibus DP External Profibus DP converter.
The address space corresponds to Sicora meters, which allows quick replacement.
Mounting rack It reduces installation time on the line. Electrical installation is completed.
Air channel For use in rooms with high dust content: drawing lines, talcum machinery, etc. Significantly increases the work interval between maintenance. Requires advanced air quality preparation.
Reference calibers A set of three calibers of different diameters is designed to check the accuracy of measuring head.




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