Low-Frequency Spark Tester ASI-25












Description and purpose:

ASI-25 is used for sinusoidal voltage testing of cables, wires, cords during extrusion and rewinding according to IEC62230: 2006.

It is used only for testing conductors for which an industrial frequency voltage test is required!

The device can detect both open (visible) through defects (channels, cracks, etc.) and hidden through defects in the insulation. 

• Output voltage - 1...25 kV
• Output frequency - sinusoidal 50 Hz


• Smooth test voltage setting
• Indication of the test voltage
• Audible and electronic alarm during breakdown of the insulation of the tested product
• Digital indication of the number of breakdowns



The ASI-25 delivery set includes a high-voltage transformer, ESHU electrode, signal beacon. All components are mounted on a mounting rack with guide rollers.


1 – signal beacon; 2 – high-voltage transformer; 3 – terminal box; 4 – gauge ASI-25; 5 – ball electrode; 6 – electrode ESHU; 7 – testing cable; 8 – mounting rack; 9 – grounding bolt



Basic parameters 
Output voltage 1…25 kV
Output voltage stabilization error 5 %
Output frequency

50 Hz

Output voltage form Sinusoidal
Maximum electrode load 300 pF, 10 MΩ
Maximum cable speed 200 m/min
Output voltage Digital, with 0.1 kV resolution
Number of breakdowns Digital counter from 0 to 99 units with reset function
Analog output

Analog output 0 ... 10 VDC
Corresponds to the output voltage setting.

Communication interface
RS485 Modbus RTU
Insulation breakdown alarm    
Light and sound Signal beacon
Relay output

Relay output 1 normally open contact + 2 normally closed contacts (2 A, 220 V) 

Signal duration 1 sec
Power supply  
Voltage 230 V ± 10 %
Frequency 50 Hz ± 5 %
Power consumption 50 VA
Complementary parameters  
Degree of protection IP20
Ambient temperature 0…+40 °С
Storage temperature -10…+60 °С
Weight 33 kg
Electrode unit 
Electrode lenght 180 mm
Electrode material Stainless balls 
Max. cable diameter 40 mm
Сover opening mechanism Hinged transparent cover


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