Ball Electrode Unit ESHU-30



ESHU-30 complete with spark tester IASI-M is designed for testing insulated conductors of cables and wires with high voltage per pass, both in the process of imposing insulation and in control rewinding..



• Convenient opening of the unit is provided by a pneumatic shock absorber
• Replaceable ball electrodes and electrode holder made of stainless steel
• Existence of the limit switch blocking supply of a high voltage when opening knot
• Streamlined lower electrode



ESHU-30 can be supplied both separately and as part of the apparatus for dry testing.
For convenience, the electrode assembly can be ordered together with the mounting stand, which is equipped with guide rollers and a light and sound alarm device.



Maximum voltage 30 kV
Cover limit switch 1 C/O контакт 2 А , 220 В
Electrode lenght 180 мм
Electrode material Stainless ball chains
Body material Fiberglass, steel
Max. cable diameter 40 mm
Сover opening mechanism Pneumatic damper
Overall dimensions
(W х H х D)
440х290х162 mm
Weight 7 kg