Multi-Electrode Spark Tester

Multi-wire spark tester


A multi-electrode or a multi-wire test system is designed to test simultaneously several insulated conductors of high-voltage cables per pass. The device can detect both open and hidden defects in the insulation.
Structurally, the installation is a single high-voltage apparatus IASI-M or ASI-20V mounted on a mounting rack, high voltage from which is supplied to the ball electrode assemblies.
Each electrode assembly has its own sensor and a breakdown counter with alarm, a drive lock relay. This allows you to track insulation breakdowns independently for each test conductor, and also to disconnect the traction drive in case of insulation damage.

The use of one such device for testing several veins simultaneously, can significantly reduce financial costs.



• High voltage test of several cable cores at once
• Smooth test voltage setting
• Independent digital counter, breakdown sensor and drive lock relay for each core under test
• Sound and light alarm during breakdown



Basic parameters IASI-MASI-20V
Output voltage 1…16 kV 1...20 kV
The number of simultaneously tested wires

From two or more
(the maximum number of wires tested is calculated from the core design and maximum voltage)

Output voltage stabilization error 5 %
Output frequency

130 Hz

1500 Hz

Output voltage form Unipolar damped pulses Sinusoidal
Maximum electrode load 500 pF, 2 MΩ - up to 6 kV
300 pF, 2 MΩ - @ 6 kV
300 pF, 10 MΩ - up to 6 kV
200 pF, 10 MΩ - @ 6 kV
Maximum cable speed 280 m/min 1000 m/min
Output voltage Digital, with 0.1 kV resolution
Number of breakdowns Digital counter from 0 to 99 units with reset function
Insulation breakdown alarm

Relay output 1 normally open contact + 2 normally closed contacts (2 A, 220 V)

During breakdown of insulation, the output voltage is switched off for a time of 0.1 ... 3 sec (time is regulated by a potentiometer on the side cover) 

Analog output

Analog output 0 ... 10 VDC
Corresponds to the output voltage setting.

Communication interface
RS485 Modbus RTU
Power supply  
Voltage 230 V ± 10 %
Frequency 50 Hz ± 5 %
Power consumption 50 VA
Complementary parameters  
Degree of protection IP20
Ambient temperature 0…+40 °С
Storage temperature -10…+60 °С
Overal dimensions (W х H х D) 350х1700х350 mm
Electrode unit ESHU  
Electrode lenght 40 mm
Electrode material Stainless balls 
Max. cable diameter 10 mm
Сover opening mechanism Hinged transparent cover
Overall dimensions in the closed position (W х H х D) 110х60х60 mm
Weight 2 kg